Partnership with Town of Addison Creates Opportunities for Treehouse Members

Before arriving at the Addison TreeHouse, James Blair had already tasted business success and could be forgiven for thinking he knew it all. Having founded and sold several companies he had gained experience people twice his age had yet to know. Through apartnership with the Baylor Accelerated Ventures program, and the Town of Addison, he was given the opportunity to move his company to the Addison TreeHouse. It also offered him a chance to learn more about how local government can help grow his business.

James Blair
CEO of LionsMouth Digital

Founded by the Town of Addison and the Dallas Entrepreneur Center (aka The DEC) the Addison TreeHouse is a resource center focused on providing aspiring entrepreneurs with education, programing/events, and mentorship that are vital for the growth and sustainability of businesses.

It didn’t take much convincing for James to see the TreeHouse was the best place to launch LionsMouth Digital, a web design and branding business. 

“I believe in getting out of the house to work and being in this community environment exposes like-minded people to other small business owners who can relate to what you are going through. Plus it feels more natural to meet people this way, compared to a happy hour or networking event,” said James. 

What came as a surprise was how valuable the connections he was making with the Town of Addison, and the businesses they help settle. 

“Relationships with the City have been a huge resource. Making connections with people there helps understand how to approach other companies with the problems you can solve for them. City staff have knowledge about a broad range of businesses that gives you key insights into things like sales cycles, altering your pitch to the type of business, and more. Connecting with your local government isn’t something that my generation knows how to do or knows how to do very well. The Treehouse serves as a bridge to make these connections easier and has been invaluable to my business.

Ben Magill, 
Economic Development Manager, 
Town of Addison

“A key piece of economic development is connecting people and resources to solve problems and create opportunities. We feel like that is our primary role here at the TreeHouse. We are uniquely positioned to help the start-ups that set up shop here to connect with established businesses and executives to create new opportunities.” 

Membership at the TreeHouse offers more than just a desk, WiFi and good coffee, it also offers resource support from a local government motivated to support it’s growing start-up business industry.

Start-ups and entrepreneurs can learn more about the Addison TreeHouse at August 28th’s Open House:

This is an Open House for people to come see the new Addison TreeHouse space and to learn about how the TreeHouse helps support entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses. We will take you on a tour of the space, introduce you to some of our new entrepreneurs and answer questions on how you might be able to be involved in this exciting community! So, are you ready to #meetTreeHouse?

Meet TreeHouse | August 28 | 9am - 10am

14681 Midway Rd, Suite 200, Addison, TX, 75001

Register here:

This event is sponsored by Silicon Valley Bank