Announcing DevMountain "After Hours" Code Class at Addison Treehouse

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After many inquiries, we’re excited to announce that DevMountain will now offer its After Hours Web Development course for the Dallas area. The class will be made possible through a new partnership with the Addison Treehouse. This will allow us to continue our mission of bringing together a world-class education and affordability to empower the next generation of coders and entrepreneurs.

DevMountain initially started with part-time classes, so we understand how important it is for many who don't have the means or resources to quit their full-time jobs to pursue their desire to learn to code. Offering this part-time class helps achieve our goal of making learning to code both accessible and affordable to everyone in the North Dallas area.

The Details

We're giving the best of what we've been working on so hard for the past two plus years: a modernized, ready-to-use curriculum, excellent instruction, invaluable mentorship, assessments, and a learning environment that's built to maximize learning potential.

Why After Hours?

With work and school, many individuals don't have the ability to drop their commitments and participate in our full-time immersive course. The After Hours Model allows students to keep their daytime commitments and learn a new skill that will transform their careers. With more than 200 students over the past two and a half years, we've had amazing success with our After Hours classes in our Utah locations.

For this course, we use a flipped classroom learning model. In traditional teacher-centered classrooms, the teacher is the primary source of information and students are expected to finish take-home projects on their own. In flipped classrooms students prepare for class by watching or reading lesson materials prior to class and in-class time is spent exploring the topic in greater depth through projects, collaboration, and one-on-one mentoring.

Partnership with Addison Treehouse

The Addison Treehouse was founded by the city of Addison and the Dallas Entrepreneur Center to be a resource centered co-working space focused on providing aspiring entrepreneurs with education, programing/events, and mentorship that are vital for the growth and sustainability of businesses.

The Addison Treehouse was a clear choice to host this course for a few reasons; the location is near the homes of working professionals, they have amazing resources and space that will better serve our students, and they are dedicated to making sure entrepreneurs succeed. Current members of the Addison Treehouse will also receive a discount on tuition.

Why Dallas?

DevMountain thrives where tech, entrepreneurship and community intersect. Dallas is the second largest city in Texas and the eighth largest city in the States, but it also boasts a thriving business community with a vibrant entrepreneurial vein. Dallas also has the largest urban arts district in the nation.

By opening an After Hours course in Dallas, we want to further enrich the area’s vibrant developing community and we hope to see many new programmers and entrepreneurs emerge from our coding bootcamps.

Just like its western counterparts, the Dallas After Hours cohort will last for 16 weeks and is perfect for those who are just beginning to code as well as those who already has some exposure to coding. We want passionate, hard-working individuals who want a life-changing experience.

Throughout those 16 weeks, students will learn front-end development including basic HTML5 and CSS3, advanced programming concepts using JavaScript, source control with Github, Javascript frameworks such as AngularJS and ReactJS. Students will build multiple applications before the end of the course.

Where can I find more info?

Check out the full description of our After Hours program here.

Where do I sign up?

Easy. Here.