PICKUP Graduation

Brenda Stoner is a serial entrepreneur. Her moment of inspiration came back in 2014 when she was trying to move a bunch of stuff across town and could not fit everything in her car . . . and she had an idea. Why wasn’t there a way to call someone to come do this for her? Sure, most “friends” with bigger cars or trucks hide from you when it’s time to move heavy things, but what about a professional service? Voila! PICKUP is born.

PICKUP was launched in 2014 and is an on-demand pickup and delivery service. Drivers are the local “good guys” such as off duty fireman and veterans, people you know you can trust.

When PICKUP was underway, utilizing the Addison TreeHouse as a resource and office space was a no-brainer. “When you are starting… you need a physical place to land. The TreeHouse was a springboard for raising capital and getting operations started.”

Brenda, Founder and CEO, continues, “The other great thing about the TreeHouse is location. It’s central to the metroplex, and in our case that was the perfect venue for performing driver on-boarding sessions. Tons of great meeting spaces and good energy.”

The TreeHouse is a 501c3 nonprofit and prides itself on providing the resources to startups that they need to be successful. This comes in the form of educational programs and mentorship, as well as community. Another way the TreeHouse separates themselves from other coworking spaces in the community is that it is a partner of the Town of Addison Economic Development & Tourism (Addison ED). Having them as a partner in the TreeHouse’s vision is extremely helpful to entrepreneurs in that Addison ED has their own relationships with local entities, as well as its own PR, and sponsorships for awards. The TreeHouse and Addison ED gave PICKUP “more help than we could take advantage of.”

Town of Addison partnered with the Dallas Entrepreneur Center (the DEC) to help boost economic development in Addison. PICKUP is the perfect example of that goal being met- they started in Addison and they grew in Addison. Addison ED gave PICKUP introductions to local hotels and even to the fire departments. Those introductions have led to economic growth; the local hotels are used when drivers come to town for on-boarding and Addison firemen are becoming drivers when they’re off duty.

This is a win-win-win. The Town of Addison met their goal by boosting economic development in Addison not only by introducing PICKUP to local entities, but PICKUP is leaving the TreeHouse for continued growth in an office in Addison!  As for the TreeHouse, PICKUP is a success story. They started out as an idea and moved into the TreeHouse to develop that idea. They utilized TreeHouse resources and that helped on the road to success.

And PICKUP has the biggest win of all- they are a successful startup that has outgrown their space at the TreeHouse and is moving on to the next stage of their business development! More employees, more revenue and more growth.

After a year at the TreeHouse, PICKUP has graduated. What’s next for them?

“Continued growth and geographic expansion. We’ll keep our home in Addison for the foreseeable future, we feel really welcome and supported here thanks to a great on-boarding on the community.

The TreeHouse, as well as the rest of us, can’t wait to continue witnessing PICKUP’s growth in the future.

Join us in celebration of PICKUP at their Graduation Happy Hour, Wednesday, April 20th, at 5:30pm at the TreeHouse. RSVP here.


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