#CoworkingIs : MenuRunners

Last week I had the founders of MenuRunners at the TreeHouse for a Facebook Live interview to talk with them about their journey of founding MenuRunners and how they have been able to turn it into such a successful company so early on. MenuRunners is a TreeHouse alumni and it was great to have them back in the space. If you’ve never met Doneric and Max, they are characters and so much fun to have around. They have a contagious energy and it’s almost obvious why they’ve experienced so much success with MenuRunners- you can tell in just the first few minutes of meeting them that they have “go get ‘em, won’t stop till we’re at the top, do whatever it takes to succeed” attitude.

In case you missed the the Facebook Live interview, I’ve highlighted some of my favorite takeaways. They really had some insightful things to say, so I highly recommend watching the interview in its entirety (you can do so here).

First of all, MenuRunners is a connection between restaurants and consumers. They focus on delivering food from restaurants to consumers in secondary markets.

MenuRunners moved into the TreeHouse in June of 2016. They had $10k and were just about to make their first two acquisitions. By December of 2016, they had already experienced $1 million in sales. That’s unbelievably fast growth and it’s very exciting to hear that they are well on their way to make $6-8 million in sales by the end of 2017 and have had five successful acquisitions!

When I asked Doneric and Max what they attribute their success to, I really enjoyed their answers. Max kept on repeating the phrase “lean and mean” and I have to say- I think that is going to be the TreeHouse’s new motto! Even though people seem to think of entrepreneurship as "sexy" and a glamorous way of working, it isn’t. They’re barely sleeping and working their butt off, and they have had over $1 million in sales and are still bootstrapping. They don’t have a fancy office or fancy computers- everything is functional, mismatched furniture. They’re obviously doing something right.

They also said that they’re constantly learning and adjusting, and that makes a lot of sense too. You never know what’s going to happen in a startup, and what differentiates successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful ones is the ability to pivot and make the changes needed to continue on the pathway to success.

Doneric and Max balance each other really well, each of them not only having their own strong points, but each of them are so aware of what each of their strong points are. I asked them what advice they’d give to entrepreneurs who are just starting out. They’re advice is what some would call stereotypical, tired, and somewhat cliched, but there’s a reason why successful entrepreneurs all say the same thing: DO NOT QUIT. Follow it through. If you want it, go and get it. No one is going to do this for you.

Lastly, I asked Doneric and Max what coworking means to them. Coworking has a different meaning to so many people, and I have to say that their answers really resonated with me and how the TreeHouse defines coworking.

Doneric told me that coworking to him means resources. He says that coworking helped MenuRunners by having so many resources available. They were provided a resource to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of doing things a certain way, help with business marketing, etc. Doneric and Max were able to collaborate with other TreeHouse members. “We’re as successful as we are because of what we started with here.”

Max, on the other hand, did say that the resources were helpful, but focused more on the TreeHouse being the starting point for small businesses. “If you have an idea,” he said, “and you want to make it a business, you need a foundation piece. The Addison TreeHouse was that foundation piece for us.” He says that if you’re starting a business you need to be immersed in an environment with people who are also starting a business.

If you’d like to check out the full interview with Doneric and Max, you can do so here. You’ll learn a lot about MenuRunners and entrepreneurship in general. You'll also hear some pretty hilarious stories.

This week on Thursday, July 20th, I’ll be sitting down with the Founder & Chief Good Guy of PICKUP, Brenda Stoner. Tune in to the TreeHouse Facebook Page at 2:30pm to hear from her LIVE on Facebook about the successes of PICKUP and being a female entrepreneur.