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Chris Bradshaw                 

BoomBox Network

Chris is a C-Suite executing with digital experience and 30+ years with problem solving and leadership ability to her positions, largely in the technology industry. She is currently a consultant and investors in early stage business ventures, both in the travel industry and in the online technology and social/digital media arenas.
She has worked with every level of the organization, including human capital, operations, technology, project and product management and marketing. She also addressed and resolved issues faced at every phase of the company life cycle, leading multiple stakeholder groups from start-up and growth to M&A and leadership changes, as well as shutdown and bankruptcy. Chris is deeply involved in the North Texas community through her charity, association and club membership. She is co-founder of iACT Summit, a member of the Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas. 

Chris can meet about:

  • How to find & talk to bloggers
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Business model canvas explanations and help