Treehouse EDU:

Treehouse EDU is an initiative that we launched to showcase our great mentors who have put in countless hours of volunteered whiteboard sessions and mentor hours to not only our members but the startup community at large. The EDU classes gives the mentors an opportunity to teach and provide content on their business area of expertise in a classroom setting so attendees can gain an interactive and valuable perspective into various aspects of growing their companies. Treehouse EDU is free for members and just $10 for community. We are constantly seeking new instructors who can inspire and educate the next wave of entrepreneurs in the Dallas area. Click here to fill out an application to become an EDU instructor!


Mentor Whiteboard Sessions:

The Addison Treehouse has recruited local mentors to assist with building and growing Dallas area startups. Each mentor brings expertise and contacts to assist the startups in engaging and growing their business. If you want to meet with some of our mentor for free, check out our Whiteboard Sessions. If you would like to become a mentor at the Addison Treehouse, click here and please take 5 minutes to complete the mentor application.