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Metsy Corter

Metsy Corter Consulting

For 20 years, Metsy has worked for Fortune 500 corporations and witnessed the rise and fall of teams in legal support, marketing, HR, IT and finance. She started in marketing, internal communications and event planning. After realizing she could make more money in tech, she took 3 semesters of coding classes in a 9-week boot camp and became a computer programmer. She spent the next 14 years designing and developing software. She also managed technical projects and web developers in a corporate internal “think tank.” With a strong team in place built upon specific values, work ethic and vision, they completed projects on time and within budget. The tools they created were still in use when she left the company 8 years later. That team was a turning point for her. Building that team, working with them to solve problems no other team was equipped to tackle, and coaching the team members to find their own superpowers changed her life. 

Metsy can meet about:

  • Effective hiring
  • Team building and hiring
  • Strategic planning / management